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Tile Cleaning 

We use the safest process to clean your tile without damage. Glass Bead is ideal for standard pool tile.  Mineral blasting is used for glass or other soft surfaces.  

Repair or Replacement 

We can repair or replace your pool tile without the need to Replaster the entire pool.   Our tile setters have over 20 years experience in setting pool tile to existing applications. If one tile has come off, more are going to follow.   Call or Text us today so we can help.  

Acid Washing 

After we clean your tile, let us bring your plaster back to life.  Acid washing will remove staining and more importantly Cyanuric Acid (CYA) deposits. Refresh your plaster and make chemical maintenance easier.  

Scale Prevention

Scale Prevention is less expensive than full scale cleaning. We can help you keep your tile clean between visits. We offer a prevention program that will help keep your tile scale free.  We use a combined prevention strategy by stabilizing PH levels  and mechanical prevention and touch up cleanings.  

About Us

Our Mission is to make your Swimming pool look fresh again.  We get joy in bringing your pool back to glory. Let us refresh your tile and pool   
          We value:
                  Team Work


                  And Kindness
You can see our values in our work.  

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